Balinese Cooking Class at Abia Villa Legian

Cooking class has recently been demanded by a lot of travel makers, especially from Europe, American, Japan and Australia. Bali, beside the beautiful beaches in southern-part with the dazzling sunset, the glamorous resorts and resturants including stunning landscapes, It has a unique traditional recipes and cooking method which are now adopted and adjusted to meet the taste of the travellers.

Balinese cooking class at Abia Villa Legian in Bali is very unique as it can be conducted in your own villa poolside, or you can do it in the villa garden or even at Abia Cafe. Chef Ari is a young and very talented Chef and is more than happy to share the recipes and cooking tricks for you to experince.

Learn how to prepare balinese satay, nasi goreng, mie goreng, tum, pepes, frilled seafood in balinese way. Cooking session that we called class can either be done at noon to prepare for your own dinner or lunch. Just take it easy to meet your itinerary. Please contact the butler or Chef Ari at Abia Cafe to organize the balinese cooking class and get ready to be a master chef for your family at least.

To secure the space for balinese cooking class please contact:
+62 361 4727878 or
email to: